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New Grant Round Announced by Ranges Foundation

The Board of the Ranges Foundation are pleased to announce the opening of Grant Round 7; Expressions of Interest.

The grant round will be open from Monday 16 April and closes on Thursday 31 May at 5pm.

Information will be available on understanding the criteria, networking and partnerships, writing your application, measuring success, budgeting, tracking your budget, reporting and acquittals.

New Grant Round Opening

Applicants can contact the Ranges Foundation to book an information session to ensure their applications meet the criteria.

For all enquiries please contact the foundation on 0468 343 763 or email: for application forms, or if you wish to have an application form forwarded to you.

Community Grants What we can Fund:

Improving Community Connectedness and Social Wellbeing: intended to improve wellbeing and support the ongoing recovery needs of communities (for example – activities and events that bring people together, activity based workshops and programs, psychosocial support programs and projects.)

Community Capacity Building for Future Disasters: intended to build the capacity of the community to manage bushfires and other potential disasters in the future, helping to address the anxieties evident in bushfire affected communities regarding the threat of future bushfires.

Community Events and Arts Programs: intended to help relieve distress through events and programs that allow people to share their experiences, commemorate their recovery progress and build, promote and strengthen a sense of community identity.

Reconnecting Community with Nature: intended to provide relief by establishing informal support networks, allowing communities to engage and share experiences of bushfire recovery and gain a better understanding of their local natural environment through active participation in environmental projects.

What must not be funded:

· To support business (including Primary Producers)

· For any profit making activities

· For commercial interests

· For any activities that are core service and/or responsibility of government

· For the relief of distress that is not a direct result of the bushfires

· For people outside Australia

· For activities that are not for the relief of people, e.g. assisting animals is not permitted for activities that are only for the purpose of sport or recreation.

· For activities unrelated to the disaster or unrelated to bushfire recovery.

For information in relation to open grant rounds or to submit an application please contact the foundation on 0468 343 763 or email:



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